A Change of Heart and Mind Towards Mangroves in Madagascar

Last week, Eden’s leadership team met with government officials, mangrove cutters, and mangrove sellers to discuss the destructive pattern of cutting down mangrove forests. The goal of the meeting was to transform the way they think and behave when harvesting mangrove trees.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Amazingly the group came to a synergistic conclusion. They now know the mangroves must be protected, and they are committed to embracing and enforcing new rules including:

  1. No more clear-cutting!

  2. For every tree legitimately harvested, the cutters must plant a minimum of 10 new mangrove trees.

  3. The cutters can never harvest trees within the National Parks or at Eden planting sites.

  4. Eden’s management team will provide ongoing training and monitoring to ensure that the mangrove trees are planted and protected.

  5. Only duly trained and compliant cutters and sellers will be licensed.  

  6. The government will imprison violators.

At the end of this incredibly successful meeting, everyone headed to a nearby deforestation site and collectively planted a total of 15,000+ mangroves.


             WoodCutters_1.jpgEden Reforestation Projects

             Eden Reforestation ProjectsEden Reforestation Projects

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