A Story From Tewabech at Galloargesi


One of our workers in Ethiopia shared her story with us, and we'd like to share it with you as well.

“My name is Tewabech Kebede. I was born and living in small rural area which is called Galloargesi and now I’m 38 years old. I have 10 children. I and my husband are working in Eden project as day laborers at the Galloargesi nursery site. Before Eden work in our Kebele, the area was degraded due to deforestation as a result of population growth, farming, and charcoal. Forest clearance without replanting brought soil erosion and flooding, and this also result in decreasing agricultural productivity.

Many farmers became obligated to migrate to Hawassa and other town to search for a job. Before Eden arrived I and my family were unable to afford school material and school fee for our children. Also, we couldn’t go to health centers to see doctor when family members got sick. Due to unwise utilization of natural resource the above and other consequences such as irregular rainfall resulted. Now thanks Eden we can afford the required (things) our family needs and we can buy some cattle, goats, and hens. We are now even saving some money from monthly income, and can purchase fertilizer to enhance agricultural productivity. Finally, now our living standard is greatly changed when comparing with the past.” !

Thank you!



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