A Village Transformed - Maman'i Kambina

We aren't shy about it; The Eden Projects is one of the most effective reforestation groups on the planet. Not only do we plant 18 million trees each year, we also provide thousands of jobs to the impoverished and oppressed.

In short, we are proud of the fact that we restore entire forests and lift whole villages out of extreme poverty! So any chance we get, we're sharing what we do with others...in line at the grocery store, with the hostess at dinner last night and of course with our friends, family and coworkers. We are frequently asked "How? How can you plant so many trees AND change so many lives?" We think that question will be answered when you watch the video, spend a few minutes with Maman'i Kambina and listen to her story of how Eden restores land and lives at the same time!

Please help us expand our work to more villages and help hundreds of others just like Maman'i Kambina who are in desperate need of a job. You make a real difference. Please donate and share this incredible new video with your friends, family and maybe even the hostess when you're out at dinner tonight!

Thank you for helping us Plant Trees and Save Lives!


Steve Fitch & Roger Hoesterey


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