Don't be mosquito candy!

One of the hazards of traveling in many of the places where Eden Projects works is mosquitoes. Some people are not bothered by these bloodsucking monsters but many of us are mosquito candy. 




This was my normal experience in Haiti, too many mosquito bites. After contracting Dengue fever in November I realized it was either no more Haiti trips, or no more mosquito bites. Thanks to counsel from Steve Fitch, Eden Projects CEO, J Marks, Pest Control guy extraordinaire, and some great help at REI Ontario CA, I came up with the following recipe:

Spray your shoes, socks, pants, shirts, and hat with Permethrin the week before the trip. Follow the instructions and allow the clothing to dry completely before packing. Use a mosquito net every night everywhere you sleep (including motels). Use a DEET based bug repellent on any exposed skin. In spite of the heat wear long pants and long sleeved shirts.

My result: NO bites during my trip in February! Granted, one trip is not conclusive but considering my past experience this is awesome! 

I also built a mosquito net frame after a friend in Haiti lent me one.


Materials: I used 1/2″ PVC. 3 10 ft. lengths of 1/2″ PVC (you will actually use a bit over 20 ft.) 8 Elbows, 8 Couplings, 4 caps, and a PVC cutter or hacksaw (more work) The scouts that I got the basic design from use 3/4 ” or 1″. I don’t think they are traveling by plane. Or they are contending with really hefty mosquitoes.  I cut my long pieces for the frame itself  just under 24″ to fit in my suitcase. Length and width are sized to fit an REI box net: I will not glue any of the pieces together but pack them in a drawstring bag and assemble at my destination.

The moral: You don't have to feed mosquitoes, or bring home diseases your Doctor may have to Google to diagnose.  

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