Help Us Buy a Life-Saving Boat

Cost: $50,000

Our leaders and employees in Madagascar are in danger and we need a boat to ensure their safety.


Your donation will enable us

to purchase a boat that will

provide safe transport of

wages, supplies, seedlings,

and most importantly, our

valued workers in


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Dina and his motor bike

Safe Transport of Wages

Currently, Dina, one of our key Malagasy leaders, travels by motorcycle to deliver the salaries of over 300 remote village employees. His journey takes three days and he travels over dangerous and difficult roads wearing a backpack on his chest in an effort to keep the money safe. We need to protect Dina and the money he is carrying! The boat we want to purchase will cut his travel time to 4-6 hours and reduces his risk of being robbed.

Reliable Supply Delivery

Remote areas of Madagascar lack the convenience of nearby markets and are dependent upon the delivery of supplies being sent from the major cities. These supplies arrive by sail boat and delivery can take weeks if sea and weather conditions are not favorable. The boat we want to purchase will provide a safe and efficient way to get food, clothing and medical supplies to the villages and will transport valuable seeds from our current planting sites to other areas in desperate need of reforestation.

These are our friendly Malagasy workers
Horse drawn carriage for medical transport

Emergency Medical Transport

Prior to their employment with Eden, medical care was not an option for those living in our remote villages and it was not uncommon for people to die from treatable injuries and curable illnesses. With regular employment, our workers can now afford medical care but oftentimes can’t get to the doctor before it is too late. The new boat will provide a fast, comfortable and safe way to transport those needing medical care from the villages to the hospital.

We truly value our employees and wish to see them not only survive but thrive.
Thank you for making this possible!