Coloring Haiti Green


In 2013, we began our “Coloring Haiti Green” project. In partnership with International Childcare Ministries, Eden began training Haitian teachers and school staff to begin reforestation efforts in schools across Haiti. To date, we have trained over 600 educators in the basics of restoring their land.

After learning how urgent the issues are, the teachers learned simple, inexpensive ways to start small nurseries in their schools using locally available materials and seeds.

We have also provided curriculum, coloring books in Kreyol, and crayons for schools that have committed to starting nurseries. Through the use of these tools, the children are learning to grow, plant and protect new trees as part of their school curriculum. The first trees planted will be fruit bearing trees including Mango, Papaya, Barbados Cherry and a variety of citrus. In addition to providing shade and soil restoration, these trees will provide food for the children and their families. As our project moves forward in each community, we will add true reforestation trees such as Haitian Oak, Teak, Royal Palms, and Acacias. 

We are committed to training a generation of young people who will restore their land and thereby secure a brighter future for themselves and their families. Your support will help us to achieve this goal, and together we can color Haiti green once again.

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