May 2014 - Udo Watate Project Completion

Ten years ago it was just a dream, but here we are 10 years later with one completed project.

Eden Reforestation Projects is having another spectacular year of planting trees and saving lives! One of the greatest points of satisfaction follows ten years of effort – 

we now know with certainty that our “employ to plant” approach to alleviating extreme poverty through environmental stewardship is not just a tag line. It really works and the completion of the Udo Watate project site proves it. Environmental success stories seem to be a rarity these days and I want to pause and thank all the Eden partners who share the success. Land and lives are being transformed and we couldn't do it without all of you.


We are grateful for what we have achieved, and our donor's support but this didn't end deforestation in all regions of Ethiopia, only you can help us reforest the rest. 

Eden has experienced steady financial growth in recent years, but our planting and operational expenses have grown as well.  Historically, summertime has proven to be our toughest season financially because vacations and summer projects grab the attention of many of our faithful partners.  However, what most people do not realize is that while it is heating up here, the rainy, planting season is taking place in Ethiopia and seedling prep time is beginning in Madagascar. With the goal of avoiding planting interruptions, will you please consider sending in a check or going on-line and making a significant donation this week? We need to make sure that the 3,500 village workers who are planting the 1.4 million trees each month are paid in a timely manner.  As you will see in the video update, together, we truly are planting trees and saving lives and I thank you in advance for your help this summer.

Enjoy the video update!



Steve Fitch - President | Founder 



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  • commented 2014-06-25 19:19:13 -0700
    This is amazing news. Seeing isn’t always believing, but in the case of this Ethiopian village seeing the immense transformation has made all the difference. Keep up the good work guys!