Eden Projects Featured in Olympics Opening Ceremony


The 2016 Olympic Games have now come to a close and it has been incredible to watch athletes from all over the world come together to compete and build both national and international bonds and friendships. The incredible stories of commitment, sacrifice and perseverance have been beyond inspiring and have helped us to see that even though we are from different cultures, religions and parts of the world, we all have very similar goals, dreams and aspirations.

We were so honored to have footage of our worked featured in the Olympics opening ceremony and were excited to hear that many of you recognized that the footage that was ours when you were watching. Brazil did a great job of sharing the need for all of us to focus on caring for our planet. They brought to light the need to plant trees, as they are the key factor in healing damage that has already been done and in preventing further problems that result from deforestation and climate change. We need forests, like the incredible Amazon, to sustain life on our planet because “Everything Lives Where Trees Live”. 

We may have to wait four more years for the next summer games but let’s work together now to plant the trees that our world so desperately needs.  Eden Reforestation Projects is working in countries throughout the world to restore areas devastated by deforestation.  Planting trees is clearly the most cost effective and efficient way to combat climate change and Eden is planting over 2 million trees every month! When you join our team, we can plant even more.

Will you make a donation today to help us restore the forests of our beautiful planet? For every $10 donated, Eden will plant 100 trees.  Your donation will not only be restoring land, it will also provide employment for one of our village workers who will plant the trees on your behalf.  You will be planting trees and saving lives, and we think that’s a gold medal winning combination.

Thank you for partnering with us!

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  • commented 2016-12-06 02:29:47 -0800
    Olympics provide a great opportunity to the people from different countries of the world to gather at one place and compete with each other, the featuring of Eden project in it is a great decision. Restoring the forests is important for the betterment of the world and keeping the environment clean due to the reduction of trees, the environment is getting polluted day by day. I have gathered much knowledge on it and preserved it in written form, so the students can Buy Assignment Online | http://www.Aoneessays.net/
  • commented 2016-08-23 15:32:28 -0700
    I want to tell our associates and customers about the Olympic recognition. Can you explain how Eden Projects was featured?