Happy New Year!



No, this greeting isn’t premature, here in Ethiopia it’s actually about a month late!  In a calendar unique to Ethiopia, the New Year starts in what most of the rest of the world considers early September.  What’s more, we’ve only just entered the year 2007.

Beyond being a simple oddity for most outsiders, though, the New Year in Ethiopia seems to be actually quite well placed--near the end of the long rainy season.  In the US, we tend to think of January 1st as an opportunity for a fresh start.  Here, it’s the natural world that embodies that ambition for growth. The soils are saturated from months of rain, flowers are in full bloom, native and migratory birds flaunt their breeding plumage, farmers assess their harvests, and of course, our seedlings are putting down deep roots.

Another sign of growth you may have noticed at Eden is the addition of me, Thomas Launer, as the new International Director of Ethiopia. Though Ethiopia might seem like a strange place for a pale Minnesotan, I am very happy to be living here and it will be an honor to strengthen Eden’s work across the country.  Over the coming weeks and months I’ll do my best to keep you all informed on our exciting progress.  We’ve got a lot going on and you won’t want to miss it. 

So, why wait until late December to start making your resolutions?  Join in Eden’s work today and rest assured that as you turn a new leaf, you’ll also be helping plant millions more at just ten cents a tree. 

Thomas Launer

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    I donate $10 automatically each month and selected Eden Projects as my charity when I use Amazon Smile.