Green Spots


I had another amazing day with Ethiopian villagers, REST leaders, and the Eden leadership team in the remote village of Senale. 

One high point of the visit was meeting with the village Orthodox Priest and securing his blessing for our reforestation team to collect seeds from native tree species at the local church forest.


A few decades ago the area hills and mountains were blanketed in lush forest, but now only a few church forest green spots remain. The protected church forests are "holy ground" and provide a vital link to a pristine past. These same green spots also provide a link to a preferred restorative future. The contrast between the lush forested church sites and the surrounded denuded lands is stark to say the least. Through good reforestation methods and the reliable church seed supply we can gradually turn the area back towards an Edenic state.

Way to go Orthodox Church! — in Tigray, Ethiopia.




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  • commented 2014-10-11 13:41:10 -0700
    Keep up the incredible work. These church forests really provide a link to the forests that once was and with the amazing work and dedication that Eden has shown, your work is transformative, not only to the landscape and ecology, but as a result, to the people it helps to sustain.