A Hope for the Future


Found on Eden’s “Island 2” project site at the Mahajanga Estuary, sits a large mangrove tree stump. The stump, the remains of a grey mangrove (Avicennia Marina), is pictured in the foreground of the picture, surrounded by young mangrove trees. 

Island 2 is one of the several sites where Eden Reforestation Projects and Ecosia are partnered to restore lost forest. The size of the stump shows what once was the norm on the island. Now, before we allow despair to get ahold of our hearts, we need to celebrate all the young mangrove saplings in the background. While these saplings were not planted by Eden, they are an example of the natural regeneration that is occurring on the island because we are protecting the new forest. The saplings show us the promise of new growth.

Working as a team with Ecosia, Eden’s village planters have already planted hundreds of thousands of new trees. Before the close of 2017, thousands more will be added. In just a few years this project site will be completely replanted.

While we regret the loss of what one was, there are scores of additional sites waiting to be reforested and to experience the hope of new growth. Now imagine the Mahajanga Estuary in ten years! Carpe diem—let’s seize the day and accomplish extraordinary things!

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