Incredible Snake Rescue!

Please watch and share this 11-second video where Jamie Shattenberg, Eden’s crazy and wonderful International Director for our work in Madagascar, rescues an endemic Dumeril’s Ground Boa (Ancrantophis madagascariensis).

Jamie was born and raised in Madagascar by American missionary parents. In many ways, Jamie is a blond haired, blue eyed, fair skinned Malagasy native. His unique cultural profile makes him perfect for the job, as does his love for the plants and animals of Madagascar. On a regular basis, Jamie gets called to rescue some hapless creature from villagers who are about to kill and/or eat one of the endangered species in Madagascar. This short video shows the culmination of a rescue and release operation. Shortly after the rescue, the boa was relocated to one of Eden’s reforestation sites. 

Thank you Jamie for being such a wildly gifted leader and for helping all of us to preserve and rescue the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar. 

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