Jacline and Jambere


Jacline and Jambere are married and have 5 children. They were previously farmers, tending to rice and cassava root. However, 6 years ago Jambere fell off an ox-cart and was run over, breaking both of his legs at the femur bone. This kind of injury is horrible anywhere, but in a remote village of Madagascar without any medical attention, it can be devastating.  

Due to the serious nature of his injuries and without medical care, Jambere could no longer walk, let alone, harvest the fields. This left only his wife to care for the farming and to provide for their large family. Finding enough food to eat became a daily struggle.

   Three years after the injury, Eden projects began in the region of Kalamboro where the family was living. Jacline asked for a job with Eden planting mangrove propagules. With an income, the two youngest children of the family were able to return to school. A year later, though his legs were still quite misaligned, Jambere was able to gain strength to work alongside his wife collecting and planting thousands of mangrove propagules each month. 

   As a result of this income, they were able to fix their oxcart, purchase more cows and now have a dual-income by also transporting cargo via oxcart for other people in addition to their Eden employment. Today, Jacline and Jambere stand proudly, as a father and mother who can work, earn a steady income each month, and provide for their family. 

   This is but one of the many stories of people whose lives are being transformed as they receive consistent wages by restoring the forests around them.

Contribute to those transformations, save lives with The Eden Projects by planting trees — for only 10¢ a tree.

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