Madagascar Village Plants 80 Million Trees!

Nine years ago, the Mahabana estuary was completely deforested and the ecosystem was failing.  The people of Mahabana, dependent on their ability to fish to feed their families and make a living, were unable to do so because their land was slowly bleeding its muddy surface into the ocean making fishing difficult and unproductive. Life was hard, people were losing hope and were desperate for a solution.

In 2007, Eden's leadership team decided to invest in this little fishing village. They believed in something MUCH better for the people and land of Mahabana and began by educating and employing the local villagers to plant mangrove trees. And now, with your partnership and the hard work of our village employees, 80 million mangrove trees have been planted in the Mahabana estuary and the ecosystem has been completely restored! There is a sense of peace, joy and hope in the village and it is beautiful to watch the planters proudly touch the trees as they walk through the forest, knowing their hands have planted each tree that now stands strong.

Eden is working in dozens of small villages, similar to Mahabana, where there are hard working people willing to do what it takes to restore their land and lives.  We believe there is something MUCH better for each and every village and person and we know you do too.  Together, we can make it possible for many more villages re-plant their forests and we can't wait to share their stories as miles and miles of deforested land is transformed to look like what you see in this video. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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