Magnificent Mangroves!


Yesterday was World Mangrove Day and we want to share a great article about mangrove trees that was published by the BBC.

Mangroves Featured in the News:

"Sri Lanka's prime minister has said mangroves' ability to swiftly absorb carbon make the forests vital in the fight against climate change. His comments come on a day marking the first anniversary of a project to protect all of the nation's mangroves. As well as storing carbon, the forests provide habitat for fish and protect communities from tsunamis and cyclones."

Read More at BBC

Its great to see the media talking about the importance of mangrove trees.  As you probably know, Eden began planting mangrove trees in Madagascar in 2010.  Since that time, we have planted over 110 million mangrove trees on the west coast of Madagascar and have seen incredible transformation. 

Make a difference today by planting 200 mangrove trees for just $20 (or 10,000 for $1, entire forest!)  
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