More Than Just Planting Trees



What does Eden do?  The most basic answer, of course, is that we plant trees. But is it really that simple?  

I recently interviewed a number of our village employees to find out their answers to that very question: What does Eden do? Without a doubt our “Pay to Plant” model has boosted the local economy and led to increased forest cover, but read the full list of employee responses below to get a better picture.   It turns out planting trees is just the start…

Over two full days of interviews with our employees in one of our local nurseries and the associated planting sites, I gained a better understanding of how Eden’s work has impacted their lives since we arrived. 

Your donations to Eden have contributed to the following in this community:

  • Reduced erosion
  • Increased land fertility
  • Return of wildlife to the area
  • Increased personal income to buy things like clothes, soap, iodized salt, etc.
  • Reduced flooding in the rainy season
  • Improved weather conditions
  • Increased food security
  • More kids attending school (and with better supplies)
  • Better home construction
  • Greater access to medicine
  • Improved awareness of the environment
  • More families starting bank savings
  • Improved quality and quantity of fodder for livestock
  • Better access to shade on hot and sunny days
  • More farmer investment into their fields
  • Increased livestock herds
  • Better access to forest products
  • Reduced fighting in the community over access to forest products

So, what again does Eden do?  It may be a bit of a long-winded answer if we were to include all of the above every time someone asked us this, so it seems there’s some real merit in our motto: “Plant Trees. Save Lives.”

And for being kind enough to click through and read my post, I’ll spoil you lovely readers with a bonus picture of some cute kids.  Enjoy!  (And don’t forget to donate!  It’s only 10 cents a tree!)


- Thomas Launer, International Director of Ethiopia



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