• Join us as we Plant Trees and Save Lives!
  • 5 nurseries like this will employ 30 more villagers
  • Imagine this whole area covered in trees!


The Need


The Goal


Let's work together to construct five new seedling nurseries in Nepal!


Last year many of you rallied around the people of Nepal following the devastating earthquake and helped us provide temporary shelters for those who lost their homes. Thank you! Now we can rally around a long term solution to some of Nepal's greatest problems. Working together, we can construct five new seedling nurseries for only $4,000 per nursery ($20,000 for the five). Here's what makes this so easy and achievable:

  1. We already have the funding in place to provide for the ongoing planting expenses of 440,000 more seedlings per year
  2. We already have a donor willing to match up to $10,000 of what YOU donate!
  3. We have a great webpage designed to make it easy for you to choose what aspect of the nursery you want to fund. Simply visit the fundraising page and make your decision to help with the water system, the fencing or some other essential aspect of nursery development!

Finally, please recognize that your donation will have a positive impact for decades to come as millions of seedlings will start their journey from seed to seedling to tree to forest at these five new nurseries.

Thank you for caring and acting. Let's go for it!


Click here to visit our fundraising page and contribute to our goal! 




The Need: Seedling Nurseries for Nepal

Rural villagers in Nepal directly depend on their natural environment for food, shelter, and income. When the local environment is damaged or destroyed, the poor are the first to feel the negative effects. Forced to live on marginal lands, they are at greatest risk. Without financial resources or the knowledge to manage vulnerable resources in a sustainable way, they often further degrade their lands in order to survive. In this way, the problem perpetuates their poverty.

Eden began its work in Nepal in 2015 with two nursery/reforestation sites in the southeast corner of the nation. The first year’s efforts produced over 400,000 seedlings and began lifting twenty families out of extreme poverty.




The Goal

We are now poised to expand our work in Nepal by adding 5 new nurseries and planting sites, hiring 30 more village employees who desperately need jobs, and planting upwards of 500,000 additional trees per year. We need you to help us raise the funds to make this happen.




Why Nepal?

Nepal is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. About one-quarter of its population survives on less than two dollars per day. However, the majority of the two-dollar per day income is NOT in the form of a cash wage. Instead, their earnings equate to the approximate value earned from agricultural production. To compound matters, the World Factbook reports that 46% of the adult population is unemployed.

Deforestation is a huge issue in Nepal, with radical deforestation being the direct result of people trying to survive for one more day. In their desperation, they cut down trees for fuel wood, construction lumber, and to form subsistence farms. However, the destruction of their natural environment only multiplies the poverty issue as water tables decline, soil degrades, and erosion and flooding occur at alarming rates. We have a solution and can help to put an end to this destructive cycle.

Please join us.