People Will Live Better Because of Trees and Your Support

Eden Reforestation Projects began working in Haiti in 2009 and we have found it to be our most challenging project nation. The country suffers from many earthquakes, hurricanes, and almost constant social unrest. Fund for Peace places Haiti as “the 10th most fragile nation in the world.” In addition, Haiti is one of the most environmentally degraded countries on earth. The majority of the land has become a dessert. Despite all of this, Eden remains committed to restoring this fragile and hurting nation.

When land suffers people suffer and the majority of Haitians live in extreme poverty. Therefore, Eden is also committed to restoring lives in Haiti through our Employ to Plant methodology. Eden Reforestation Projects does not work by a dependency model, but rather provides the dignity of employment, a seedling nursery, and forest restoration resources to help the villages grow their own food and restore the local environment.

Eden is working hard to restore the beautiful forests that once covered the nation, and we are already seeing great progress. Jean Marc Zamor, president of Providence University, shared his amazement of how the land has responded to Eden’s work.

Providence University Planting Site

“It’s unbelievable… A year and a half ago there was nothing here. We believe one day the whole area will be covered with trees.  So, people will live much better around here…because of trees.”

Haiti Planting SiteHaiti Planting Site

If you would like to be a part of restoring land and lives in Haiti, simply click here to make your donation. Eden will plant 4 trees for every dollar donated to the Haiti project and will provide employment to Haitian villagers who will plant them on your behalf. 

Thank you for partnering with us!

 Read more about our Haiti project: click here

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