Planting Trees & Saving Lives means lemurs too!


Endangered birds and lemurs endemic to Madagascar can be found in the beautiful Ankarafantsika National Park. The conservation and expansion of this National Park is an urgent issue and Eden is taking a proactive approach to the matter.


 In 2014, lemurs were listed as the most endangered species group on the planet.Eight endangered species of lemurs make Ankarafantsika their home. There are also 129 species of birds that nest in the forest of Ankarafantsika with 75 among them being endemic to the dry deciduous forests in the region. Eden has a Partnership MOU with the Park and we are the only reforestation group that operates in cooperation with this fascinating and beautiful place. Please note that habitat destruction is the number one threat to these incredible creatures and Eden is all about habitat restoration. Eden will achieve our objective in Ankarafantsika by planting, regenerating, and protecting millions of endemic tree species seedlings that are essential to the well-being of the lemurs and other animals living in this profoundly unique place.

Eden’s objective in 2015 and beyond is to work closely with the Park officials to expand the boundaries through a combination of large-scale reforestation and natural regeneration techniques. 




Seedling bed in Ankarafantsika 
 Planting site in Ankarafantsika
 Nursery site in Ankarafantsika

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