The Eden Projects makes it easy for you to hire villagers
to reforest their region for only 10¢ per tree.

Poverty is reduced. Forests are restored.


Edens Secret Sauce

We’ve been building relationships with local villages and governments to develop sustainable training and reforestation programs addressing deforestation and poverty since 2005.

Under the close supervision of our US based staff, and frequent visits to the planting sites, these programs are responsible for the planting of over 60 million trees so far.



Eden always begins our reforestation projects by dealing with extreme poverty, which is the most common cause behind radical deforestation. When you partner with Eden to reforest the world you actually begin by providing employment to someone who desperately wants to care for their family.


The Eden employees work in the seedling nurseries, or collect propagules (baby mangrove trees) in preparation for planting millions of young trees at the reforestation sites during the rainy season.


Through community ownership, cooperative care agreements, and Eden guards the young trees are protected until they  become a mature and sustainable forest. It takes time but the results are awesome!

Trees aren’t the only thing that we grow. Through our involvement with the people and villages as a whole, we grow individuals who are independent and free from any debt, leaders to perpetuate sustainable lifestyles and practices, communities that care for their environment, and (as the villages flourish) local economies.

 Our Progress So Far




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