Reflections on Restoring Madagascar


This August I took a trip to Madagascar with some major donors and friends to survey the progress that's being made. I wanted to share some of the highlights of that trip with you.


First, your 75 million mangrove and dry deciduous trees are growing like crazy!

After seven years of planting we now have massive reforested areas within the Mahabana estuary that are covered in new mangrove tree growth.


Second, the new school is awesome!

Talk about holistic results, well here's a really cool one. The Eden employee parents at Mahabana village are now collectively affording their children with an education. this is the VERY FIRST SCHOOL in Mahabana. Happy kids!



Third, new Eden videos coming soon!

Meet Chris Sinclair, an incredibly talented cinematographer and film director who accompanied us on this trip. With his help and expertise, Eden will be releasing some new videos in the coming months featuring Madagascar. A lot of the footage was taken with a GoPro video drone with the help of a lemur on his shoulder!


Finally, it's advisable to avoid falling off cliffs!

Just about every trip to Madagascar, we take some time to travel into the Tsingy forest and collect seeds from rare tree species. Just after this photo was taken, I fell off a 15-foot ledge and split my right forearm open. Stitches would have been nice, but there is a severe shortage of medical services in the middle of nowhere. Jamie patched my arm together with toilet paper and shoestring. A beauty of a scar and another great life lesson - don't fall off cliffs.



Thank you for your support in changing lands and lives in Madagascar! 


Steve Fitch

President | Founder 


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  • commented 2014-09-19 08:57:58 -0700
    Wow, the garden of Eden! Praise the Lord for good gardeners and caretakers. Some plant others water God does the miracle of growing. thank you
  • commented 2014-09-15 15:11:02 -0700
    The trees are growing like crazy! Awesome stuff guys! Incredible work. I get excited every time I get an update and marvel at the work you are all doing.
    Warm wishes,
    David and Heidi