Message from Ethiopia

We want to share a message from one of our workers in Ethiopia:


My name is Selamawit Yosef. I was born & am living in a small rural area called Galo Argesa. 

I am 27 years old and I have 1 child. I’m working in Eden project as a day laborer in the nursery site. I went to school till grade 10 but I couldn’t continue higher education due to lack of support from my family. 

In addition, I was forced to get married. Including my new child, we are a total of 8 people living together. All our incomes are from Eden project's nursery site. Furthermore, I am getting the opportunity to get the Hands in dirt training program, in order to have the needed knowledge, training and improve my performance.

I hope the effort of Eden is appreciable and we would like the effort to be continued.


Thank you!"

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