The Miracle Tree


We are modifying the approach we have used in Ethiopia and Madagascar in Haiti, planting mostly Food trees initially.

       One of the trees we are growing in Haiti is Moringa Oleifera, called Olive in Haiti, and nicknamed the Miracle Tree. Moringa comes from India where it is a significant medicinal and food tree, used to deal with malnutrition particularly among children and nursing mothers.

      Moringa leaves supply many important nutrients including significant amounts of Vitamins A and C, Calcium, Potassium and Protein. The leaves can be used fresh or dried and powdered. The leaves are also high in 18 amino acids as well as a number of different antioxidants. The seeds provide high quality oil for cooking, cosmetics, hair care, and machinery requiring food grade oil. The cake that remains after the oil is removed can also be used to remove impurities from water. All parts of the plant are used in traditional medicines.

      Moringa is fast growing and easy to grow. It can be grown from seed in the nursery using bags or tubes with compost and sand as a growing medium, direct seeded in the garden or field, and grown from limb cuttings rooted in containers.  It can be trimmed as a hedge with the trimmings used to feed goats and other meat animals as well as people. Moringa is drought tolerant and a great tree for dealing with the problems of malnutrition, livestock feed, and deforestation in Haiti


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