Tombotia – A Widow’s Economic Ingenuity


Tombotia has worked for Eden Projects in Kalamboro from its inception. 

Before Eden Projects, Tombotia and her family lived off the land farming rice. Sadly, her husband died many years ago, leaving Tombotia to find ways to make the family farm continue to produce a subsistence living. Out of survival necessities, each of Tombotia’s three daughters was required to take part in farming their rice fields. As a family, they were barely able to make ends meet and then her daughters married off one by one. At age 65, and without the help of her daughters, the rigors of farming became too great for Tombotia. The rice fields fell fallow, and she faced what seemed to be a short and destitute future. But, unbeknownst to her, help was on the way! When her future appeared to be hopeless, Tombotia was hired by Eden Projects to plant mangrove propagules. Today, due to the steady cash income provided through Eden Projects, this industrious and innovative widow is able to provide for herself and for a few others by offering seasonal employment to rice field cultivation assistants. Tombotia is grateful for the gift of employment, which meets her basic needs and enables her to reinvigorate her family's rice fields.


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