Update on Eden and the Tragic Earthquake in Nepal


Nepal is a beautiful little country wedged between two giants: India to the south and China to the north. Nepal is known for being the home to the Himalayas - the tallest mountain range on the planet. It is also famous for its gentle people. Few Westerners could identify Nepal on a map of nations, but following the catastrophic earthquake that stuck on Saturday, April 25th this small, quiet nation is now in the news big time.

As I write this blog there are already 4,400 confirmed dead and our hearts are heavy as that number increases with each news report that is released. Having just visited Nepal last month, I am saddened that many of the beautiful and historical sites that I had the privilege of seeing are now gone.  What this beautiful, quiet country is experiencing is devastating and our prayers are with the people of Nepal.

If you follow our blogs and updates, you know that we just started working in Nepal this year.  I would like to let you know that Ram, our International Director for Nepal and the other members of Eden’s Nepalese leadership team are physically safe even though they live in the hard-hit Capital City of Kathmandu. Further, our two reforestation sites are also safe as they are located far from the center of the quake’s destruction.

Please be aware that in the coming days Eden will begin doing all we can to assist with the recovery. At this time we are waiting for word from Ram and the other key leaders to let us know how to help best.


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