What a Difference One Day Can Make


Mark your calendars….Tuesday, December 2nd is Giving Tuesday and we are inviting you to join this incredible movement by helping to raise funds and awareness for Eden Reforestation Projects. 

Since Giving Tuesday is only three years old, you may not know what its all about.  So here’s the rundown…Giving Tuesday is a day to show the world that after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, days to buy lots of toys and gadgets for ourselves, we can give as good as we get during the holiday season. On this day, companies, families, communities and students from across the world will come together to celebrate generosity and to give to those who could never repay the generous gifts that are given on their behalf. In 2012, 2,500 organizations came together to participate in Giving Tuesday and in 2013 that number grew to over 10,000. This year promises to see the most giving yet.  But we need you to make that possible.


The Eden Projects mission is to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewardship. We do this by going into areas where deforestation is causing suffering due to failed farms, poverty, victimization through sex and labor trafficking, sickness & death. We provide jobs to those who are desperately poor and teach them how to grow and nurture new trees and plant them in deforested areas surrounding their villages.  We started in 2005 and, at this time, our employees have planted over 78 million trees and have reestablished forests in areas that looked like desert just a few short years ago. Lives are being saved, while at the same time, the land is being restored.  That is why Eden’s tag line is Plant Trees - Save Lives. Even more exciting is that we are able to do all of this for only ten cents a tree! This will be The Eden Projects first year to participate in Giving Tuesday.  We are excited to see what will be done to further our mission and to be a partner in this global movement towards selflessness. 

Here’s what you can do to help us out…. The Eden Projects has a Giving Tuesday goal of raising $50,000…enough to plant half a million trees and employ 25 people for an entire year. You can help us reach that goal by telling your friends and family about Eden Projects.  We would love it if you would like and share our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, start your own fundraising campaign, or simply give and support our Giving Tuesday effort. So, why not start a new holiday tradition this year and join us on Giving Tuesday. Together, we truly can make a difference by planting trees and saving lives.

Thank you for you continued support 

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