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Zanbera is one of Eden’s planting employees in Kalamboro, Madagascar. Prior to working with Eden, Zanbera contracted leprosy and his extremities went numb. 

Within a few years, Zanbera began to lose fingers and toes as a result of the terrible disease. He also lost his ability to provide a living for his family as a fisherman. Out of fear, his wife and children left him, but hope and a transformational future was just around the corner.

In 2010, Zanbera was hired by Eden Projects to help restore Kalamboro's mangrove estuaries. Although working with his hands to plant propagules was challenging for Zanbera, it was much easier than fishing, and having a job gave him a new sense of purpose and accomplishment...not to mention a regular income.  

Many people believe leprosy is incurable, but following a visit to the doctor, Zanbera was able to purchase the medicine to cure his terrible illness. Within months, feeling returned to his limbs and today he is healthy and happy. In addition, his family is beginning to heal. Although this custom may sound strange, Zanbera now has sufficient funds to offer a cow to his wife as a reconciliation gift.

Stories like Zanbera's are one of the many reasons why we do what we do and why we want to do even more. Next month, we will be launching our new Employ to Plant Sponsorship Program, where individuals, families and groups can sponsor one or more of our village employees on a monthly basis.  Your monthly support will ensure the ongoing employment of someone who desperately needs a job and will alleviate extreme poverty not only for the individual you sponsor, but for their entire family.  In addition, you will be planting trees because your sponsored employee will be part of Eden's reforestation team and will contribute to the planting of millions of trees every month.  

Zanbera is just one of Eden’s employees who is in need of a long-term sponsor.  We hope you will consider becoming an Employ to Plant sponsor and begin planting trees and saving lives at a whole new level.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Eden Projects



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  • commented 2016-11-01 15:43:08 -0700
    What an incredible story of how this man turned his life around! May he continue to succeed and be blessed by Allah!
  • commented 2015-10-12 00:35:44 -0700
    this good work to change life for other through planting alot of trees