Why we do what we do - Employing single moms



If you travel through rural Africa and Asia you will surely encounter a sad but common sight: Women and young girls burdened down with huge loads of firewood. Walking long distances every day to collect fuel wood exposes the ladies to danger in the forest, significant loss of time, and of course physical fatigue. 

To make matters worse, chopping down trees for fuel wood is also one of the major reasons why impoverished nations are being deforested. Adding to the misery, the exhausting effort typically only earns these hard working ladies a dollar or less in the local market. Women cutting down trees for fuel wood represents the proverbial “lose – lose situation”.


Eden Reforestation Projects has a solution for the destructive cycle that contributes to extreme poverty and radical deforestation.

For the last decade we have been hiring hundreds of these same fuel wood ladies to work part time in our nurseries and reforestation sites at a fair daily wage.

The employ to plant approach represents the proverbial “win – win situation”.

Alleviating extreme poverty through innovating environmental stewardship is worth investing in.

Spread the news, you have a solution to extreme poverty and global deforestation. Support us today in this important mission.


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