Why reforest in Mozambique?

Mozambique is home to extensive biodiversity and varying landscapes with forests at the core of its social, environmental, and economic well-being. However, more than 8 million hectares of forest (over 30,000 square miles) have been destroyed. Cyclones, floods, cutting down trees for firewood and charcoal, clearing large areas for farmland, and commercial logging are the leading causes of deforestation in Mozambique.

  • 45% of the population

    living under the poverty line

  • 8 million+ hectares deforested

    an area the size of Portugal

Employees work alongside each other to plant propagules

How we started

In 2018, we began exploring potential reforestation project sites near Mozambique’s capital in Maputo with a vision to bring back the vitality of the forests that fringe the rivers and coastline in Southern Mozambique. A large area along the coast that had been stripped of its mangrove ecosystem was identified as our starting point. With a seed source and a local workforce in place, the reforestation program launched. In the first three months of planting, over 280,000 mangrove trees were produced, planted, and protected by the local workforce.

Employee works to put propagule into soil
  • Coastal

    Maputo Bay

    • Southern tip of Mozambique, in close proximity to Maputo
    • Mangrove restoration and reforestation
    • Provide stability against erosion and improve ocean and coral reef health
Employee holds large sack on top of her head

"Only at Eden": collaborating beyond borders

Deforested mangrove sites become an all-you-can-eat feast for crabs who eat decaying material. Our Mozambique reforestation project team began planting propagules to restore mangroves sites but soon noticed the crabs had been chewing on the propagules, killing the seeds before they could grow. Following the advice of our Brazil team, our Mozambique team stuck empty plastic water bottles in the ground, over the newly planted propagules, to protect against the crabs. By sharing ideas such as this one across borders, our teams are able to increase the likelihood of the trees’ survival significantly. Read the full story here.

Close up image of propagule being put in soil
Employees maneuver in a boat
Employee stands along shore line while putting propagule into soil

Our success

We are planting in 62 sites that include terrestrial tree species and mangrove species. Our reforestation program’s work in Mozambique helps protect coastal communities from environmental disasters, improve fisheries, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and increase biodiversity while addressing the urgent need for poverty alleviation.

  • 80 million+ trees

    produced, planted, and protected

  • 900+ employees

    empowered with fair wages

How you can help plant trees and save lives