Ecosystem level: media assets

Ecosystem level partners commit to planting a tree, or a certain number of trees, for each point of sale, service provided, or on any other business model for achieving corporate social responsibility. Ecosystem level partners have cumulatively donated $1,000,000+. To learn more about our partnership program levels click here.

Below are the media assets available for Ecosystem level partners. These assets can be used for social media and website content. Please review our corporate partner marketing and communication guidelines before using any of the content below.

  1. Photo resources

    • Click here to download photos from each of the project nations. Additional photos are added to this album to provide updated content on a monthly basis.

    • To access the premium level photo library and download high-quality photos, please click here.

  2. Videos and b-roll footage

  3. Employee stories

    • To download stories about how employee's lives have transformed through reforestation, please click here.
  4. Newsletters

    • To view our previous quarterly newsletters, please click here.
  5. Logo package

  6. Ecosystem level badge

  7. Monitoring protocol

    • We utilize key steps to monitor and verify tree planting, survivorship, and growth over time as well as the socioeconomic impact of its reforestation projects. Click here to learn more about our monitoring protocol.

The comment section on any of these drives and albums will not be monitored. For any questions regarding any of the assets above, please contact your Account Coordinator.