Factor Eleven - Forest Level Partner

Digital Media Professionals

Digital Media Professionals FACTOR ELEVEN provides digital display and video campaigns that are billed exclusively on a performance-based basis while meeting the highest branding requirements. FACTOR ELEVEN utilizes high-quality inventory, eye-catching large formats, and innovative products that ensure the respective campaign goal is achieved efficiently. To learn more about FACTOR ELEVEN, please visit factor-eleven.de.

Factor Eleven Partnership Highlights

Number of Sites Sponsored: ??

Hectares Planted & Protected Together: ??

Full-time Employees Hired: ??

Regions we're planting in together...


  • Chitwan
  • Morang


  • Aquin
  • Biak Island
  • Greater Biak
  • Maputo
  • Morahariva


  • Old Kijabe Town

Join us on our mission

Partner with us to reverse extreme poverty and global deforestation.

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