Eden in the News

New Name, Same Commitment to Community + Restoration

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our commitment to restoring landscapes and supporting communities. Our approach to designing restoration initiatives is advancing, allowing our team to have a greater impact on both communities and the environment. To better represent the work you’re supporting and align with industry growth and advancements, we are updating our name to reflect our dedication to both people and the planet.

We are excited to share that our new name will be Eden: People+Planet.

Embracing Our Evolution

Our new name represents our dedication to holistic and standards-based restoration processes. Over the past year, we have been implementing innovative methods and sharing our efforts in new ways, all aimed at fostering healthy interdependent relationships between communities and the environment.

Honoring Our Legacy

We are very proud of our history as Eden Reforestation Projects. The transformative work we have achieved together has laid a strong foundation for our future endeavors. Our new name pays tribute to this legacy while aligning with our mission of landscape restoration and conservation.

Vision for the Future

Eden: People+Planet captures our vision of a world where communities thrive in healthy, restored environments. It symbolizes the inseparable and interdependent relationship between people and the planet, reflecting our ongoing commitment to:

  • Inspire hope through landscape restoration
  • Renew social connections
  • Improve biodiversity
  • Generate lasting economic and climate benefits

Stay Connected

We deeply value your support and dedication to strengthening resilient communities and environments. The name Eden: People+Planet embodies the growth and impactful change we aim to achieve together.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment.