Restoring Landscapes: Building a Sustainable Future with Eden

Landscape Restoration: Our Mission

While tree planting has undeniably benefited communities and landscapes, restoring vital ecosystems and mitigating climate change requires all of us to go beyond traditional methods and adopt a truly comprehensive approach. At Eden: People+Planet, we partner with local communities, governments, and organizations to restore large landscapes in ways that help ecosystems flourish, improve biodiversity, inspire people for the future, and ensure that local communities have the resources they need to thrive.

Our Approach to Landscape Restoration

Over the last 19 years, Eden has continued to refine its approach, developing best-in-class methods to restore landscapes that are built on the foundation that:

  • People come first - By collaborating with communities to restore degraded environments and conserve essential ecosystems, we foster resilience that supports both people and planet, recognizing that the health of both are inseparable and interdependent.
  • Global standards matter – We use global restoration standards, recognizing that they are the most effective ways to address the interrelated pressures of climate change, ecosystem degradation, and poverty. From seedling production to habitat creation to sustainable livelihood development, these methods generate long-term impacts for the climate, communities, and biodiversity.
  • Collaboration is key – Implementing a holistic landscape restoration strategy requires a diverse skillset. We recognize the critical need to collaborate with a broad network of partners – from local communities to governments to NGOs – to successfully restore landscapes that address local needs.

By addressing the drivers of environmental degradation and partnering with local communities, stakeholders, and environmentally conscious businesses, we create lasting benefits for the landscapes in which we work.

Our Restoration Impact

In the nearly two decades in which we have been working, our efforts have brought over 2 million hectares of land into the restoration process across diverse forest types around the world. While landscape restoration has a wide range of benefits, some of the ways our work has made a positive impact include:

  • Increased tree cover: Our restoration work has increased the number of trees growing in the landscape through reforestation, conservation, and climate-smart agricultural practices, providing many ecosystem services and capturing carbon.
  • Improved wildlife habitat: By focusing our work strategically, we help build corridors between protected areas and intact ecosystems, improving connectivity and allowing wildlife to thrive.
  • Sustainable livelihoods: Working directly with communities to identify local challenges allows us to develop sustainable economic alternatives that work with nature, not against it.
  • Resilience to climate change: We take a large-scale approach and work with partners to ensure that efforts are prioritized in areas where they will help protect communities against the impacts of climate change, such as watershed management to address droughts.
  • Fire management: Implementing strategies to prevent and manage wildfires helps protect and preserve restored landscapes and the communities that depend on them. With fires becoming more prevalent due to climate change, fire management is critical for long-term restoration success.

Our work creates ecosystems resilient to environmental changes and capable of supporting diverse plant and animal life. By fostering these resilient ecosystems, we ensure a sustainable and thriving environment for future generations.

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