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Our new boathouse

Planting millions of mangroves every month takes a lot of hard work and well-thought-out infrastructure – like boats.

Our employees take boats out every day to access the mangrove planting sites. We own two large motorized boats and one small motorized craft is in the works. We also have a small fleet of canoes at multiple planting sites. Having these boats makes working in the bays and estuaries possible, but protecting and maintaining our fleet is crucial to the ongoing success of the forest restoration work.

In the past, each evening when the motorized boats returned to their homeport at Mahajanga Harbor, the employees would need to remove and carry the motor along with other essential gear to safe inland storage sites. That’s a lot of long and hard work. Leaving expensive gear on the boat would leave them vulnerable to theft.

This will no longer be a problem thanks to our secure new boathouse. Now employees can remove the motors from the boat to clean and store them only feet away from the boat’s dock. This boathouse will provide secure storage space for the motors and other gear. We are excited for the growth of our infrastructure and the ability to make things easier and more efficient for our hard workers in Madagascar.

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