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Exploring mangrove restoration in Haiti

Our main focus in Haiti has been agroforestry. We are branching out and exploring a mangrove restoration effort with the Amiga Island Foundation in Haiti.

We have had great success with mangroves in Madagascar since we began working there in 2007, and now we are excited to be able to bring that work to Haiti’s coastline.

The Amiga Island Foundation specializes in coral reef restoration. Although coral reefs are an aquatic ecosystem, mangroves are closely correlated with the health and preservation of these reefs. Mangrove ecosystems and coral reefs have a symbiotic relationship, meaning that each one helps the other.

Mangrove forests help to stabilize shorelines, improve the quality of the water, and provide a natural habitat for fish and other coastal sea life. Coral reefs depend on fisheries for survival, but when mangrove forests are depleted, fish begin to leave in search of a new habitat.

We are looking to partner with the Amiga Island Foundation to reforest the local mangrove ecosystem with hopes of restoring the coral reefs as well.

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