Got grass? Eden Nepal does!

Nearly every day of their lives, the women of Jhapa, Nepal have headed out to collect at least one large basket of grass and other fodder greens to feed their cattle. Over the past few decades, the local forests have been cut down making it harder and harder to find enough grass and fodder to properly nourish the animals.

The ladies reported to us that they previously needed many hours each day to collect just one basket of animal fodder, but that was then, and now things are better.

In 2015, the Jhapa Community Forest project was launched. Within a two-year timeframe, the forest has started to return, along with an abundance of life-giving grasses and shrubs that make up the forest understory. Today, securing a basketful of grass is much quicker, easier, and efficient. The ladies report that they are able to collect twice as much grass in one-quarter of the time, and all within just a short distance of their village. Their cattle are fatter and producing more milk as a result of the abundance and variety of nutritious fodder.

Got grass? The women of Jhapa do. And because of it, they’ve “Got Milk” too.

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