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New guardhouses in Madagascar

We have established two guardhouses at the Mahajanga mangrove sites in Madagascar. These small houses were built to provide shelter for the guards who have been hired to monitor and protect the sites each day. The houses also create an Eden presence at the sites so everyone in the area knows who is managing and protecting the planting efforts.

Each day, on a rotating basis, Malagasy guards and workers travel by boat to the planting sites. The guards’ presence ensures the protection of the emerging forest from outsiders who may venture onto the islands in search of wood.

The workers aren’t just sitting around, either. They will spend much of the day planting, gathering propagules for future planting, monitoring growth, and photographing the progress of the sites. We are so grateful for our Malagasy staff and we are excited to provide these houses that give them a “home base” and a place to rest and get out of the sun.

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