Debbie Crawford

Chief Development Officer

Debbie planting a seedling with a Nepal employee

Helping governments, corporations, and individuals do their part to fight climate change through our mission of planting trees and saving lives, Debbie learned early on how to provide creative solutions to our partners' problems. Now, having over 1,500 partners such as The Arbor Day Foundation, Aspiration, and Verizon, Debbie has become a master at helping businesses discover the most important and relevant ways to accomplish their ESG and net-zero commitments.

She focuses on building relationships that turn into long-time commitments. Like planting seedlings, she helps grow people's understanding of our Employ to Plant methodology of empowering people to reforest and restore their environment on a massive scale. Then she guides them to take action, supporting the planting of hundreds of millions of trees a year.

Thanks to the relationships we develop with our partners, Eden can now be part of the solution to the global challenges of extreme poverty and environmental destruction. Now, impoverished communities have new opportunities at economic self-sufficiency, improved health, and education. Women who were looked at as second-class citizens are proud breadwinners for their families. The income earned from planting trees helps pay to send their children to school. They're saving the land. They have a future.

Every difficult meeting, skeptical prospect, and investment that was once out of reach became part of our story because Debbie and her team conveyed the value of investing in our common future.

"When we all work together, we make a huge impact, a global impact, and one that not only changes lives but is doing an amazing job of restoring the planet. From a kid in school who realizes, 'Hey, for fifteen cents, I can plant a tree,' to the largest corporate partner, we start seeing a change — not only in the environment but in the lives of the people in it."

Debbie Crawford