Keith Rascher

Director of Expansion and Innovation

Keith working with the Kalunga community

When searching a remote corner of Paranaguà, Brazil, to scout the site before its launch, Keith became separated from his team. With no radio, no provisions, no protection, and cuts all over his body, Keith persevered through miles of sharp, fifteen-foot-tall bramble while his team was looking for him in an entirely different place. Some leaders would stay at the office drawing sitemaps, but not Keith. Growing up in Indonesia and working internationally as an adult, this third-culture kid has found his way in some of the most remote locations in the world. So when his exhausted search party returned to base to regroup, no one was all that surprised to find Keith — already back and relaxing.

Keith has always had a healthy dissatisfaction with doing things the same old way, which is why we chose him to lead the team opening up new planting nations, helping us care for the environment globally by helping transform lives locally.

An expert at building unconventional, cross-cultural teams, Keith has a special touch for identifying people's potential and helping them see their own value and how that aligns with Eden's distinctive ethos.

"I wish people could see the heart of the employees who make up Eden," says Keith. "I haven't met anyone in Eden who is in it just for a job. Everyone is mission-focused and other-people-focused. That's how they can overcome great challenges while working halfway around the world."

Keith Rascher