Why Eden?

International Network & Collaboration

It's been said, "there's no I in team." We think the same when it comes to global reforestation and scalability. The knowledge share between our project nations and highly trained teams makes for more rapid development of new planting techniques, tracking and guarding initiatives, and scalability possible for the biggest of projects. We understand that a cookie-cutter solution does not work for every situation and projects need to be contextual to local communities and regions.

Active Monitoring and Evaluation

We do what we say and get reforestation done. Our monitoring and evaluations process continues to evolve with top-notch local teams, consistent training, and new technologies. Combine this with our reforestation database system, and our impact metrics take on a new meaning that you can trust. View below the growth progress of one of our GPS-tracked sites in Madagascar.

Current Monitoring and verification processes:

  • GPS photographic documentation
  • Drones and high-resolution aerial imaging
  • Scientific sampling for large forest growth

Aranta, Madagascar - Aerial View 2008

Aranta, Madagascar - Aerial View 2020

Accreditations & Awards

Logos of main accreditations and awards - work with Happy Cog in adding

A hyper-focus on planting trees to address...

  • It starts with the people. If our work does not help the community that we're building forests in, then what are we doing? This is why we hire local and do not assume we know it all. We seek to empower and employ the local vegetable farmers, former deforesters, and shepherds alike who know the land and what their community needs most. The line between flourishing planet protectors and desperate charcoal-makers is fine but when we provide a consistent wage we've seen ecological disasters, environmental refugees, and poverty as a whole go down. We like seeing people and planet winning.

  • We produce, plant, and protect trees. Some organizations find themselves doing one aspect of the process but we focus on the whole. We focus on creating long-term indigenous forests and ecosystems at large.

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  • Trees are beautiful with their flora and fauna above ground. However, their beauty stretches far below the surface into their intricate root systems where they put carbon back into the soil. They are one of our biggest partners in maintaining the balance of carbon on this planet. The real payoff comes with old-growth forests and consistent monitoring in place. Both of these two key items are in place for Eden as our forests grow older.

This project is sustainable and focused on the livelihood of the individuals that are a part of it. It really is a holistic approach to reforestation and empowerment.

Derrick Emsley, CEO, Tentree

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