Partnership Highlights

  • We’re a nonprofit organization. Our planting is cost-effective.
  • Partners commit to a planting tree (or trees) for each point of sale, service provided, or on any other business model.
  • Eden commits to planting, growing, and guarding the trees to maturity. We do this by empowering villages and villagers.
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Partner Testimonials

  • “We plant a tree for every order [our customers] place.” Bill Hunt, CEO, Champro
  • “Every level of this organization has been stunning.” Geof Barker, Philanthropist
  • “A holistic approach to reforestation.” Derrick Emsley, CEO, Tentree

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    At Eden we employ villages to plant trees. Our general cost to plant trees in Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal is 10 cents per tree. If you prefer to designate your donations to a particular nation the cost varies from 10 to 35 cents per tree.

  • What happens at the different program levels?

    Click to view a PDF with the program level details.

  • How do I get started?

    Click the “Learn More & Apply” Button on this page to fill out a Partnership Application. Once submitted, an Eden Representative will review the application and be in touch with you by phone or email to discuss the partnership and provide next steps.

  • Do I get listed on the Eden Projects’ website?

    Yes, if you would like to be listed we would like to add your company logo along with a link to your website. Photos and logos will be requested by an Eden Representative during the MOU process and will be added to Eden’s Business Partner Page once the MOU is completed.

  • How often do I donate?

    Monthly is preferable so we can properly plan with our nurseries and village employees. That being said, we can work with other timetables if necessary.

  • How often do I get photos or video to use in my business and marketing materials?

    First, we want to make sure it’s understood that your donation goes towards planting trees. That is the cost and priority. We also want to help you successfully tell the story of reforestation as we’re able. Photos and Videos are distributed according to the corresponding partnership level. New photos are provided annually upon renewal of the MOU. If additional photos are needed, please contact your Eden Representative for assistance. Watermarked video footage is available for all partnership levels. Depending on partnership history and level, non-watermarked video footage can be available at an additional marketing cost.

  • Will I be allowed to visit the project site?

    This opportunity begins once a company has reached the Sapling level of giving.

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Forest Level Partners - $100,000 +


tentree is an environmentally progressive apparel company that plants ten trees for every item purchased. Each purchase brings us closer to our common goal of environmental sustainability and stands as a symbol of pride for each consumer, knowing they made a difference. 



Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. When you search the web with Ecosia, the search ads generate income that Ecosia uses to plant trees with us. Get the free browser extension and use Ecosia every time you search.






Grove Level Partners - $50,000 - $99,999

Champro Sports   Travel and Transport
Champro Sports   Travel and Transport
High-Value, traditional & innovative athletic equipment and apparel   Creating unforgetable, one-of-a-kind travel experiences



Sapling Level Partners - $10,000-$49,999


Square-logo-600x600.png   Plant-it 2020   WOODCHUCK_logo_new2015.jpg  
Seed The Change   Plant-It 2020   Woodchuck  
Treesisters_logo_cmyk_2500px_wide.jpg   Visions-of-GREENduer-logo_s.jpg   escapes.png
Treesisters   Visions of GREENdeur  
ESB Lumber  






Seedling Level Partners - $5,000-$9,999


gnarbox   virgin america   Gobe_Logo.jpg   unnamed.jpg   printreleaf_clr.jpg  
Gnarbox   Virgin America   Gobe   Facedown Records   Print Releaf





Seed Level Partners - $250-$4,999


manfredini.jpg   logo-evoblack.png   CLAIRY1_B-01.png   bamb-u_logo_(1).jpg   lumbrlogo.png
MANFREDINI   Evo3   Clairy   bamb-u   Lumbr
Catori Life   Fibre Athletics   PK Perfumes   Chantry 1975   Willa Walker
Roots of Asia   Ultimate Queenstown   Divine Shaman Botanicals   Little Difference   Mitchell Canyon Coffee
vitaexplorer.jpg     yachts.jpg    
Vitaexplorer   The Art Monkey   LandYachtz   Apparel for a Cause   Nature's Avenue
lakaye-medium-logo.png   GrayLinePortland.logo.2.CMYK.jpg   YOUNG_HEROES.jpg   Global Power in Motion   Aloha Sugar
Lakaye   Gray Line Portland   Young Heroes   Global Power in Motion   Aloha Sugar
BeautySocietyLogoBlack.png   Thursday_DEF.jpg   Tree_Tribe_-_website_logo.png   Tree_Tribe_-_website_logo.png   Silverstone_Logo_-_White.jpg
Beauty Society   Thursday Pizza   Tree Tribe   Meraki Journey   Silverstone Leadership Ventures
lori.png   WTL-Logo.jpg   LOGO-large-png.png   image1.PNG   wisefool.png
Lori Wall Beds   Wandering Tree Legend   Living Legacy   Chitepet   Wise Fool
Kilo_Threads_Logo_(PNG).png   par.jpg   Tentsile_logo_black_on_transparent.png   Waiakea_white_logo___blue_text.jpg   BACTES_FULLCOLOR.jpg
KiloThreads   Pure Antarctic Air   Tentsile   Waiakea Inc.   Bactes Imaging Solutions
BrightIdeasLogo1.png   unknown.png   DATS_Logo_Official_May_2013.png   Retree_Round_Recycle_Logo.jpg   Woodspex_Logo.jpg
Bright Ideas   Plant a Tree Madagascar   DATS   retree   Woodspex
TREE_LYFE_eden.jpg   REECH_EARTH_.png   ALC_MEDIA_COLOR-01.jpg   IMG_8175_(1).PNG   HR_Phoenix_Photography_PNG.png
Tree Lyfe   REECH Earth   A La Carte Media   Good JuJu   Phoenix Photography
Barenaturals_logo.jpeg   Echtra-brandingdesign-1goldgreen.png   Divas_and_Devils.jpeg   unknown_(1).png   canvas.png
Bare Naturals   Echtra Outfitters   Divas and Devils   Furniture Pipeline   Canvas Chameleons
naomilevit.png   happymaki.png   daisyv.png   fig_lily.jpg   bfourtyeight.png
Naomi Levit Photography   Happy Maki   DAISYV Jewellery   Fig & Lily   b fourtyeight UG
F_R_logo.png   FTLA_APPAREL_FUCHSIA_300x.png   awbJJGG.png   smartbuyglasses.jpg   BeardCo.jpg
Fruits and Roots   FTLA   The Calendar   SmartBuyGlasses   California Beard Company
Flowerling_Logo_2017.jpg   336C9226-71F3-48BF-91B4-037AFBDE66D4.png   L_S_LOGO-02.jpeg   Dalla_Vita_Logo.png   Rainforest-Logo-Final-(white-background).jpg
Flowerling   TVYNES Toronto   Lang & Schwander Hotel Interiors   Dalla Vita   Rainforest Coffee Co.