How to Make a Meaningful Global Impact for People and the Planet

Supporting Eden is a tangible way to address the climate crisis and make a real impact for both community and ecological resilience.

  1. Make a Donation

    By donating to Eden, you are supporting the design and implementation of landscape restoration to generate long-term environmental, socioeconomic, and biodiversity benefits for the well-being of communities and the planet. No matter the size of your gift, you are contributing directly to large-scale projects that bring positive transformation.

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  2. Mobilize Your Network

    Celebrate a special occasion, support athletic goals, or honor loved ones by helping raise funds with your network to address the interrelated pressures of climate change, ecosystem degradation, and poverty through Landscape Restoration.

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  3. Achieve Your Net Zero Emission Goals

    Learn how you can invest in carbon credits to reduce your emissions and reach your carbon-neutral goals through large-scale, high-quality nature-based solutions.

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  4. Shop Online

    Support long-lasting environmental restoration and community development with every online purchase you make by selecting Eden Reforestation Projects as the organization you want to support at For every purchase you make, Goodshop will donate a percentage of your total order at no additional cost.

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  5. Stay Up to Date

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Partner with us to meet your business and ESG goals by sponsoring our community-based restoration efforts.