We facilitate large-scale holistic landscape restoration and community development initiatives in partnership with communities and stakeholders around the world.

Our landscape restoration initiatives, funded through philanthropy and carbon financing, are mitigating the effects of climate change, restoring ecosystems, and strengthening community resilience for decades to come.

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Designing Local Solutions for Local Environments

In supporting Eden’s mission, you join a global movement of communities who are confronting the climate crisis head-on, restoring landscapes for people and the planet. In partnership with local communities, governments, and stakeholders, we implement standards-based restoration initiatives designed to address the interrelated pressures of climate change, ecosystem degradation, and poverty according to the unique needs of each community.

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While the world has made progress towards meeting international sustainability goals, more remains to be done to combat climate change, address environmental degradation, and support communities experiencing economic hardships. We cannot do it alone. Join us in the collective effort to restore and conserve vital ecosystems for the well-being of both people and the planet.

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