Partner with us to fulfill your ESG and net zero commitments.

Fight climate change and alleviate poverty

Our global restoration network is creating livelihoods for thousands of people currently living in extreme poverty by empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale. This helps reverse climate change, global deforestation, habitat loss for endangered species, and extreme poverty.

Our corporate partners commit to a specific donation for planting a tree, or a certain number of trees, for each point of sale, service provided, or any other business model for achieving corporate social responsibility. We invite you to join us at the vanguard of restoring forests at an unprecedented scale.


A complete commitment to collaboration, reforestation, and community engagement

"When Eden goes into a project they are looking for local buy-in and local leadership. They want to make sure they create an opportunity where they are not just planting trees, but creating jobs, economies, and local ownership of reforestation projects so those trees have the best chance for long term survival."

- Dan Lambe, President of Arbor Day Foundation

An impact on both the planet and the people

"What we love about Eden is its socioeconomic impact. Eden does not only plant trees; they also give back to the local communities that are highly impacted by the climate crisis. Knowing that people get a meaningful job through Eden makes us very grateful to be their partner."

- Kristin Hansen, Sustainability Manager of Nu Company

Join us on our mission

Partner with us to reverse extreme poverty and global deforestation.