Employee Story

Overcoming a life-threatening disease

Even when faced with life-threatening diseases, our reforestation project employees show up with relentless determination to overcome challenges.

Josy started working with us as a Manager in 2007 when we launched projects in Madagascar. Before he began working with us, Josy was diagnosed with a deathly form of bilharzia, a parasite found in standing water that has been infected by human or animal excrement. As his condition worsened over the years, doctors told him that without a kidney transplant, he would not survive.

When we shared about Josy’s condition, people from all over donated to help ensure that he could travel to India to receive the care required to save his life. Josy began receiving treatment in India, and testing showed his brother was a perfect match for the transplant. After months of waiting for surgery, Josy discovered that the person helping him with the kidney transplant was in fact working for a human trafficking ring known for harvesting organs. Through connections we had in India, we helped Josy escape, and the organ trafficker who was soon arrested. Josy received the transplant from his brother days later and made a full recovery.

Once he recovered from the surgery and returned to Madagascar, Josy was eager to get back to work, managing over one hundred planting sites. Since then, Josy has advanced to become the National Director for Madagascar, helping our team plant millions of trees while employing thousands of Malagasies.

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