Martha Getachew

Country Director of Ethiopia

Martha is a distinguished leader with a dual background in the international non-governmental organization (INGO) and business sectors. Her career spans over two decades, marked by significant achievements in entrepreneurship and international entities. Martha founded the Designers & Artisans Bazaar, a sustainable marketplace benefiting over 300 artisans and artists. Moreover, her strategic foresight led her to spearhead a training program for over 200 rural artisans, focusing on developing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to counter negative ecological impacts. Her experience also includes roles in organizations such as GSTA, Karama, and The Navigators.

Since August 2021, Martha has served as the Country Director at Eden Ethiopia. Additionally, Martha's expertise lends itself to organizational development, relationship building, and negotiation, which have proven invaluable in navigating complex environments and driving her team toward Eden's conservation objectives.

Martha holds a BA degree in Organizational Management and has certificates in Coaching, Counseling, Product Development, and Market Development.