Rachhya Kayastha

Country Director of Nepal

Rachhya planting a tree in Nepal

Rachhya hails from the Himalayan landscapes of Nepal, where her environmental consciousness was kindled at an early age. She has participated in numerous environmental projects, ranging from WASH interventions with WHO to coordinating solid waste management efforts with the Asian Development Bank. These experiences have honed her abilities to lead and inspire community-driven environmental initiatives.

Her career with Eden began in 2016 as a field officer and was elevated to Nepal’s Country Director in 2018. Her leadership is characterized by a deep understanding of programmatic intricacies, cultivated through various strategic roles that have empowered communities to strive for a sustainable future. Rachhya champions collaboration, teamwork, and proactive land restoration, aiming to create a harmonious balance between human habitation and the natural world.

Rachhya holds a MSc in Environment & Natural Resources and an BSc in Environmental Science from Kathmandu University.