Employee Story

Nima's story: overcoming Nepal's lockdown

Nima at one of the sites in Nepal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nima Dolma Lama lost her hotel business and found herself not knowing how she would survive. All she had left to rely on was her family’s small farm, which did not yield a sufficient amount of crops year-round, to support her husband, two sons, two daughters-in-law, grandson, and herself. With no formal education and gender inequality prevalent in Nepal, on top of many businesses closed due to the pandemic lockdown, there were very limited employment opportunities available for Nima. However, this did not stop her. She continued to face these obstacles head-on, leading her to connect with our Nepal team.

Now, Nema has a full-time position at our Mude nursery where she helps with reforestation in Nepal. With the consistent income she earns, she can afford her family’s daily household expenses.

"I am grateful to make a living restoring the environment, " says Nima. "I see our reforestation work in Nepal improving the livelihoods in my community."

Nima Dolma Lama

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