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8 Billion Trees: How a fitness movement is helping plant trees

Can a fitness movement really help fight climate change?

Absolutely…when it helps plant trees around the world.

As eco-consciousness increases and more and more people and businesses begin to understand the importance of measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, tree planting partnerships are emerging as an effective tool in eliminating greenhouse gas pollution from the atmosphere.

Physiqz is a science-based, online fitness institute dedicated to making healthy weight training resources like powerbuilding and powerlifting programs accessible to everyone, using the latest studies and expert-reviewed information. But, a key part of their mission also includes making a positive eco-impact on the planet.

Dedicated to helping anyone achieve their personal health best, it’s only natural that this community would also be focused on helping the environment get stronger and healthier too.

How do trees erase carbon emissions?

The planet’s natural resources are designed to maintain global weather patterns and health. One of the largest carbon sinks on Earth is the oceans, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But, just as important, forests play a huge role in removing pollutants and impurities from the air we breathe.

The natural respiration of plants (especially trees) helps maintain natural water cycles and weather patterns. But, with massive deforestation, this delicate balance has been corrupted, impacting the lives of millions of people.

Tree planting projects for 2023

As an effective method to reduce climate change impacts and rebuild crucial ecosystems and habitats, Physiqz is a proud supporter of 8 Billion Trees and Eden Reforestation Projects. These organizations work in various countries around the world, to replant and restore forests that have been destroyed over the last century through clearing and climate-related events.

Studies show that forests are important carbon sinks for the planet, with the trees absorbing carbon emissions as well as providing a key element for maintaining the planet’s freshwater system. A single tree can store and filter 27 kgs of carbon emissions in a year, and the more trees, the better.

That is why Physiqz works with 8 Billion Trees, a carbon offset enterprise that has planted over 14 million trees so far, and is partnering with Eden Reforestation to plant another two million trees this year in Honduras, Madagascar, and Mozambique.

Rebuilding the planet’s health

Millions of acres of forests in Honduras have been destroyed by a diseased pine beetle, and the reforestation efforts in that country will help restore biodiversity and healthy freshwater reservoirs.

At the Madagascar site, Mangrove systems that have been devastated over the past 40 years are being replanted, which helps protect the island during tropical storms while also providing the resources needed for fisheries for food.

At two planting sites in Mozambique, a total of 1.46 million trees will be used to rebuild crucial habitats and ecosystems and provide healthy sustenance for the people who live there.

By working together with accredited reforestation organizations, Physiqz is providing groundbreaking ways to both improve your overall physical health as well as the planet’s, so that we can all have a healthy future.