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8 Billion Trees: Las Vegas DJ & producer JayCee using music to help plant trees

When most people think of disc jockeys and EDM, they picture up-scale clubs, rude bouncers, and unrestrained egos.

But one Las Vegas artist and DJ is hoping to inspire a different take on the Las Vegas rave and EDM club scene. Making his debut in late 2022, JayCee has already built a core following in short order.

And the rising house and bass producer is using his newfound buzz to make a difference beyond the dancefloor by donating his booking fees to charities that are working hard to make a difference.

Few causes make a deeper impact than tree planting–from restoring and rejuvenating the environment and climate cycles, to rebuilding animal habitats and providing the foundation of local ecosystems, to the environmental and tree planting jobs created for people in poverty-stricken areas.

Growing more with every performance, the Vegas DJ has already helped support the planting of thousands of new trees around the world through Eden Reforestation Projects in locations like Madagascar and Honduras.

Those native trees are now budding and helping to fight deforestation, heal the planet, and rebuild animal habitats. The trees also act as natural “carbon sinks” by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing the carbon in their roots and trunks.

The social impact, however, is just as powerful. Tree planters and their families are able to earn crucial income that provides critically-needed healthcare, access to education, and healthy food.

When asked about his unique spin both on and off the decks, JayCee says it simply evolved naturally over time.

“My fascination with electronic music spans back over a decade, but when I realized I could combine that passion with my work in 8 Billion Trees is when the idea really came to life.

Why not give music fans a way to make an eco-impact with their love for house, bass, and dubstep?

From there, it was just about making it happen.”

With more shows already booked on his 2023 calendar, the artist is poised to grow the arboreal ‘raves in Las Vegas’ initiative and bring it to the wider Las Vegas EDM crowd.

“I think the idea of using raves to plant trees and make a positive impact resonates with a lot of people, and I’m excited to share it with a wider audience of electronic music fans.

There are a lot of great people behind me that made this possible, and I’m just grateful to be a part of it.”